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The Medical Education Unit at ADESH MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL is constituted to conduct following activities to strengthen the quality of Medical Education in the institution. Broadly Its objectives will encompass:

  • (a) Faculty Development.
  • (b) Carry out Research in Medical Education.
  • (c) Serve as a Resource Center.
  • (d) Continuing Medical Education.
  • (e) Policy Development.
  • (f) Developing System of Assessment.
  • (g) Developing Communication.
  • (h) Developing Instructional Design.


S.N. Name Department Designation In MEU
1. Dr Bachan Lal Bhardwaj Principal, AMCH Professor Gen medicine Officer-in charge
2. Dr Amrit Virk Professor & Head, Community Medicine Coordinator
3. Dr Gurleen Kaur Associate Professor, Pharmacology Co-coordinator
4. Dr Poonam Delmotra Professor & Head, Anatomy Faculty
5. Dr Naresh Jyoti Professor & Head, Pharmacology Faculty
6. Dr Sandhya Panjeta Gulia Professor & Head, Pathology Faculty
7. Dr Neeru Bhaskar Professor & Head, Biochemistry Faculty
8. Dr Satwant Kaur Professor, Obs & Gynae Faculty
9. Dr Archana Goel Professor Anatomy Faculty
10. Dr Ranu Rawat Associate Professor, Community Medicine Faculty
11. Dr Garima Shivhare Assistant Professor, Anatomy Faculty

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